"Can't quite believe I'm writing this but I'm actually PAIN FREE for the first time in what seems like forever! After just one session I was back on my feet after being basically bedridden for a month, after a flare up of a back/pelvic issue I've had all my adult life. I decided to have another session yesterday as felt I just needed another 'tweak', and today for the first time in absolute years I have no pain. Will was very gentle, and is clearly an expert in his field. I can't thank you enough Will, or recommend you enough. THANK YOU"

M Catchpole

"I had a big dose of back trouble after a motorcycle accident, I thought it was getting slowly better but became unable to work four years after the accident. I spent the summer unable to work and mostly housebound with pain. No one could get to the bottom of it and whoever I saw, their treatments wouldn't really help for long. I was getting very worried and depressed, the NHS would only give me pain relief and I couldn't see an end to it until Will was recommended to me. Two treatments in I was seeing a huge improvement and now, 4 months later I am almost back to how I was before the accident. I cannot thank Will enough for his knowledge and care, I would be in a terrible place now without his excellent skill. Thanks Will!"

D Jones

"I'm always recommending Will as he's helped me and my family many times over the years. Very knowledgeable on so many things health related and certainly the only thing that sorts my back and pelvis out. I only ever need one session then usually go months/ years before I do something silly again and need it sorting again. Just back from an appointment and feel human again. Everyone should know about Will. I was in so much pain I thought I cracked a rib coughing and put my pelvis out. Turns out I'd put a rib out too and easily fixed. Thanks Will."

D Hogg

"My wife has had treatment from Will in the past and spoke very highly of him. Having started running at the tender age of 46, I continually had sore shins. I spoke to Will who suggested that this would be connected to my lower back. To say I was sceptical would be an understatement. However I had a treatment. To my amazement, the following day my sore shins were better. Also my back and neck feel more supple than they have in years. Amazing, highly recommended."

J Fraser

"Absolutely Amazing. I have an ankle that was broken nearly two years ago. I've been to other Osteopaths but William is the only one who left me pain free and able to walk without impairment."

G Nutkins

"I went from tight and painful to relaxed in no time, and he fixed my wife and daughter as well! Will is really good at his stuff - he understands how your body should work and tweaks it until it does.
Highly recommended."

James Knight

"Will has taken care of me and members of my family for years. He is skilled, genuine and compassionate - and great fun too. I recommend him to anyone in need of osteopathic treatment. Thank you Will for your kindness and care."

Gina Dunn

"As a GP with a chronic back condition I cannot recommend William highly enough. I only wish I had seen him years sooner!"

Dr P Calthorpe

"Dear Mr Allchin,
I just wanted to say you did an absolutely amazing job with my sons knee injury enabling him to continue in his career in the armed forces.
Like a miracle with just ONE treatment, I cannot thank you enough.
You have the hands of God!"

Mrs W, Caister-on-Sea

"Back in 2012 I was waiting to begin my training in the army.
I regulary ran 5 miles every day until I began experiencing a lot of pain in my left knee, which prevented me from maintaining my fitness which was vital for my job.
I heard about William through a friend and arranged an appointment shortly afterwards.
Straight after the appointment the pain in my knee was gone! Like magic!
I was very pleased with the result, especially after I was up and running again the next morning!
I've been in the Army for nearly three years now and completed a tour of Afghanistan with no problems with my knee at all.
I would highly recommend him to anyone."

Mr B, Great Yarmouth.

"Through a recommendation of a friend, I gave Will a call to book an appointment as my back pain was affecting my work as a hairdresser and professional photographer.
I had tried several other things but nothing had worked. The results of the treatment were almost instant and after three sessions I felt like a new woman and work wasn't a problem for me.
I have to go and see him for the occasional session now (every six months or so) which keeps the pain at bay as hairdressing and photography are both hard on the back. Will also gave me tips about carrying my camera equipment and coping with the strain on my back when cutting hair.
My husband saw him for neck problems recently and he got his pain sorted out in two treatments.
We can highly recommend Will, he is a miracle worker!"

Mrs R, Morton, Norfolk

"I sought treatment from William as a last resort after self-referral to the physiotherapy for SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) in pregnancy proved useless. While treatment didn't leave me fixed, it certainly alleviated a lot of the pain in my hips and pelvis, meaning that walking and getting around was manageable in the last weeks of pregnancy and that I didn't have to get about on crutches. Treatment didn't take long either, just a few minutes every couple of weeks was enough to take away the worst of the pain, leaving me less reliant on pain relief and also helped me get more comfortable at night to get some sleep, which is of course what every mum-to-be needs!"

Mrs H, Norwich

I have known William for 20 years and was very fortunate to come across an osteopath who has a great understanding not only of the relevant sports but of people as well.
He is always extremely competent in solving some neck and back issues that I was unable to deal with at that time.
He has always been approachable and in my opinion has a great understanding of many sports and of different ailements of all age ranges.
I have no hesitation in making recommendations and referrals to Will if I feel appropriate.

Tim Sheppard MCSP - Physiotherapist.

I would like to wish William all the very best for the move from all of my staff here at C&K Meats Ltd, that William has treated in the past and will treat in the future.
We will need to know where he is going as he has become a very important part of my business as to the way he helps get my staff back to work again after an incident.
William has been doing my back and any aches and pains now for many years and has become a very important person in my personal life and to be honest I don't know how I would of managed with out his help.
I would like to thank him for all his help over these years and I would like to think that he is now and will always be a friend.

Kevin Burrows, C & K Meats Ltd

I have been seeing Will for treatment for probably in the region of 20yrs now, not only for treatment for my back/neck problems which are the muscoloskeletal issues people think to visit an Osteopath for but Will's treatment, knowledge & support through my diagnosis of Endometriosis a few years ago, through various conventional treatments, ultimately a hysterectomy & then recovery was invaluable.
Will also helped greatly my recovery from a car accident 9yrs ago, again not only with the back/neck issues but also problems with post traumatic carpel tunnel in my left hand/arm.
There is so much more than just muscoloskeletal issues that Osteopathy in its various forms can help with and I have been most grateful for that knowledge help & support over the years.

Tarina Butcher, Watton, Norfolk

"I was confined to bed after doing my back in .... Will came round and sorted my back, I was up and about in no time, genius!"

Jamie Mulhall, Drayton

I can't recommend William enough, I have been going to him for around 15years. I am not a regular by all means and tend to leave problems until they get really bad, but he manages to sort my back out every time with no problems again for ages, which suits my lifestyle and bank balance perfectly!! Thanks William!

Maxine Denby, Wymondham

"A top man! Without his help I would still be struggling to live a pain free daily life."

Gary Saunders, Ashmanhaugh, Norfolk

"As a Landscape Gardener I was getting intense back pain and pins & needles down my right leg which prevented me from doing much work. After two visits to Will, the pins & needles were completely gone and the back pain was down to a acceptable level. Thanks Will for keeping me in working order."

David Gowlett, Salhouse, Norfolk

"Amazing! I was diagnosed with SPD at 31 weeks pregnant by my doctor after being prescribed strong painkillers for the intense pain and general despair I was feeling at just how bad I felt. I literally began to dread the rest of the pregnancy feeling just so awful. I researched online and found William. I emailed and got a appointment within a couple of days. The morning of the visit I had sat in tears feeling unable to fully move and care for my other children. Within half a hour of my visit I felt comfortable and amazed at the ease in which he seemed to see my areas of pain and for the first time in months I feel comfortable. Would highly recommend to anyone but especially any pregnant women feeling as bad as I felt. I just wish the doctor would have advised the treatment and I had found him sooner."

JB, Mulbarton, Norfolk

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